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Welcome to Elliot Helps! I’m Elliot, the founder and editor-in-chief. Our aim is to fill a void in the market by providing wholly unbiased solutions, information, reviews, and much more – free from sponsored influences or ulterior motives.

To help us achieve these goals, we’re drawing upon a wide array of resources – sometimes collaborating with friends, colleagues, experts, and others who have valuable insights to contribute to the conversation. As you’ll see over time, the information we offer will span across numerous subjects and formats, from brief snippets to extensive in-depth discussions, always tuned to serve the subject matter and your needs best.

About Elliot:

Throughout my personal journey, I’ve founded four Internet companies, including AdYapper, an advertising technology company backed by Techstars, and my current project MiracleMicrogreens™, an indoor farm focused on providing high-quality powdered microgreens – a project that’s particularly close to my heart. I’ve also worked, primarily out of the Midwest/Chicago, with countless other entrepreneurial ventures and startups throughout my over 25 years in the entrepreneurial community, with a focus on product development and user experience.

Prioritizing Quality:

Here at Elliot Helps, we believe in directing maximum resources towards content quality, while minimizing production wherever possible. We’re stripping away unnecessary fluff to allow for maximum energy towards the highest value content.

Formats to Serve Your Needs:

We know how hard – or impossible – it is to find time to sit and read something uninterrupted. That’s why we’re committing to always provide ways for you to benefit from our content in multiple formats that may work better for you – such as video, podcast/audio, or short-form, so you can enjoy our content in parallel with other things you may need to be doing.

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